The Top 5 Bluegrass Covers of 2014

Welcome back to our blog.  That’s right, I said OUR blog.  This blog belongs to Honeywagon and as such we feel entitled to air our views on any number of subjects (bluegrass related or not).  Today, we are claiming that prerogative and presenting a list of the top 5 Bluegrass Covers of 2014.  You can agree or disagree, or agree to disagree, but as long as you are on our blog, you are gonna get our views on stuff.  As always, comments are welcomed!  2014 saw some amazing bluegrass releases in the cover genre so without further ado, here are our top 5!

#5 The Cleverlys performing Beck’s “Loser”.  Man, oh man, have the Cleverlys got some talent!  What an amazing group.  Paul Harris is the quintessential front man for this bluegrass group gone bad.  With the amazing fiddle playing of Mark Pearman and the rest of the great players in this group they present a wonderful tongue-in-cheek version of this classic tune.  Listen to it HERE.

#4 Iron Horse performing Elton John’s “Rocket Man”.  Iron Horse, best known for their tribute to Metallica, is at it once again with this version of Elton John’s classic space odyssey song.  They have one of the most ‘traditional’ sounds among the bluegrass cover bands that are working these days.  Great harmonies and serious playing with a real ear toward blending and arrangement helped this tune to make our list of the top 5 bluegrass covers of 2014.  Listen to it HERE.

#3 The Beef Seeds performing Lorde’s “Royals”. For an English band, the Beef Seeds really have captured the American style of bluegrass – while giving it their own distinct flavor.  The sparseness of Lorde’s original production of this song is no obstacle for the talented Beef Seeds who’s version of “Royals” is a pleasure and a treat for anyone lucky enough to stumble upon it.  Listen to it HERE.

#2 Honeywagon performing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.  Remember that part earlier about how this is our blog and we get to say what we want to say on it?  Well, here ya go.  We made #2 on our own top 5 list!  Woo Hoo!  Seriously, we are very proud of this whole record and hope you will have a chance to check out the video for our version of Poker Face HERE.

#1 The Henhouse Prowlers covering P Squared’s tune “Chop My Money”.  For sheer internationality, this song wins hands down.  The Henhouse Prowlers covered this Nigerian smash hit on a government-sponsored cultural exchange trip to Nigeria.  Immediately the locals fell in love with their version and they became the first bluegrass band to become bonafied Nigerian stars.  Check it out HERE.

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