Learning Songs

Sometimes in the life of a professional musician, we get to take a break from our normal activities, like scheduling concerts, driving to the next gig, tweeting, blogging, facebooking, and we get to do something that actually relates to our musical ability.  Wagoneers, that time is upon us.  On August 8th Honeywagon will be headlining the “Bluegrass in the Park” festival in Henderson, KY.  That means it’s time to dust off some of our earlier works and get ready to burn the proverbial barn down!

It’s a total gas, cracking open an old record and re-visiting some of our favorite recordings.  Adam’s Song, Longview, Tumblin’ Dice, all great tunes from our first three records with arrangements, playing and singing that we are tremendously proud of.   Of course, we wouldn’t want to play them *exactly* like the record, after all in the intervening 10 years, we have all progressed in our playing and singing to a point where we can pull off things that just weren’t possible 10 years ago.  Ahhh… the sweet smell of progress.

Wanna know what’s its all about?  Plan a trip to Henderson, KY on August 8th and prepare to be blown away!  www.bluegrassinthepark.com


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