Honeywagon was born almost 10 years ago during a secret meeting deep in the Hollywood Hills.  Two men, Bryan Clark (aka “BC”), and Ben Levine (aka “Mo Levone”, “Benwell”) discussed the dire need for joyous yet subversive bluegrass over burritos and caffeinated beverages until daybreak.

By first light, Honeywagon had a mission and quickly found an untapped reservoir of Hollywood celebrity types who were sympathetic to the bluegrass cause.  After an undisclosed amount of recording gear, studio time, and various culinary delights from Mexican eateries around LA, their first CD was done.  “Grass Stains: a bluegrass tribute to Blink 182” was unleashed by CMH Records on the unsuspecting public.

Underground parties soon followed in Eagle Rock, Silver Lake, Pasadena, Covina, Santa Monica, Beechwood, Malibu, and Runyon Canyons, 90210, South Central, the “OC”, and the glorious Inland Empire.  Honeywagon ripped up the Sunset Strip playing the House of Blues, the Hard Rock Café and other glamorous places with appropriately pretentious names.

Building on the success of “Grass Stains” they band quickly released “Green Day Blue Grass: a bluegrass tribute to Green Day”.  This album quickly hit the Billboard Bluegrass Album charts and rocketed to the #3 position.  It stayed firmly planted in the top 10 of this same chart for over a year!  All of this without tour support, radio play, press reviews.  How?  Welcome to the underground. We’re glad you’re here.  Pass it along.

After recording their third album “Paint it Blue: a bluegrass tribute to the Rolling Stones” life intervened.  BC left LA for the greener pastures of Nashville, TN, and Mo rolled on down the interstates of the USA as a touring bassist for a veritable Who’s Who list of country music stars.  Was the band breaking up?  No chance…

Despite geographical difficulties, the BC and Mo remained close pals and musical compatriots.  They still found time to record, dump girlfriends, celebrate weddings, buy gear, play shows, eat more burritos, dump other girlfriends, etc. – you know… live life.

In 2010, finally released from their commitment to CMH Records, Honeywagon returned with their proudest album to date “Songs from Neverland: the bluegrass tribute to Michael Jackson”.  Featuring the greatest songs from the King of Pop, this album has all the hallmarks of Honeywagon’s previous work – serious musicianship with an endearing sprinkle of humor and tenderness.  Along with this album Honeywagon started making delightful music videos and have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on

Their latest album set to release in November 2013 continues their genre-busting tendencies and is tentatively titled simply “Honeywagon Gaga”.  That’s right, this lastest effort celebrates the freaky, fun, fantastic, music of none other than Lady Gaga.  With guest vocal performances from country legend Neal McCoy and pop singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb this album promises to be a very worthy addition to their ever-expanding catalog of treasured recordings.